The Underground Wine Project was proud to partner with our favorite band, Pearl Jam, for a special Valentine’s Day release of a limited production 2-bottle box set to help support Pearl Jam’s Vitlalogy Foundation and its efforts to alleviate homelessness. Proceeds from the sale of these box sets helped support the Vitalogy Foundation’s goal of finding sustainable solutions to the homelessness epidemic.

About the Underground Wine Project

Mark McNeilly (Mark Ryan Winery) and Trey Busch (Sleight of Hand Cellars) have been longtime friends and lifelong Pearl Jam fans. Their love of wine and music was the impetus for starting the Underground Wine Project in 2007. It was an additional outlet to create wines in styles different than either of us produce for our individual labels. It also allowed us the ability to focus some of our philanthropic giving to many of the causes that we care about.

Mark grew up in Seattle and still calls it home. Trey moved to Seattle in 1992 from Athens, GA, chasing his favorite band, and has lived in the PNW ever since. We have seen the city change in such a dramatic way in the past 29 years, mostly for the better. But certainly, that growth has presented its challenges, and homelessness is at the top of the list. We applaud Pearl Jam and the Vitalogy Foundation for working to find a solution to this issue that affects us all. Seattle is still our home. And for Pearl Jam fans, it’s your home, too. Thank you for supporting such a noble cause.

In 2022, Mark Ryan Winery brought the Underground Wine Project fully under the Mark Ryan Winery Family of Wines with the goal to expand their availability and continue our philanthropic goals.

Mark McNeilly and Trey Busch

Label artwork celebrates Pearl Jam’s Home Shows 2018 Concert Series and the Vitalogy Foundation.

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